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Welcome to the Mutual UFO Network

The Mutual UFO Network began in the 1960s in the midwest and has grown to encompass an international field of professionals and lay people alike who strive to present scientifically the nature and existence of unidentified flying objects and aerial anomalies. There are MUFON Chapters in all 50 states, as well as many coutries around the world. Our organization is made up of entierly all volunteers. Visit our international website at www.MUFON.com for more information. Join MUFON and get involved.

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A recent Delta IV rocket launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
produced a multitude of UFO reports. Those reports centered around one to four
orbs following the rocket and a bright blue cloud high in the sky after the passage
of the rocket. This paper proposes both of these effects are natural
manifestations of the rocket used in this mission.


Read Full Report Here.


Lightning sprites

An investigation of Transient Luminous Events was initiated after reading an article in which one of the leading researcher in that field made the remark that it was possible that UFO reports could be explained by these events. This paper is reporting the results of that investigation. In brief it has been concluded that although  some pictures of Sprites in particular look like disc shaped saucers, it would be impossible for any witness to mistake one for a UFO. However, it was also concluded that it would be possible for a faux witness to fake a report with a picture of a Sprite. This paper was written to provide MUFON members with information needed to recognize a Sprite picture and to respond intelligently to any statement linking the two events.

Click HERE for full article.

MUFON Meeting 9-14-2013 - Marc DAntonio - "Populated Universe"


Marc D' Antonio gave Alabama MUFON and Florida MUFON a great presenation of our Universe.

AST01: Exoplanets: Confirmed Worlds Around Other Stars
This talk explores the science surrounding the most important topic in Astronomy today, Exoplanet research. When we find alien Life we will find it not by listening for intelligent signals since these signals are lost amidst the galactic noise after traveling only 100 light years, but by looking for and finding Exoplanets with life signs evident in their imagery and data. The talk will answer questions such as: What are these "life" signs? How do we find them? What will it mean to us? Will we find another Earth? How likely is Life? This talk was first presented at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin Nevada in 2010, the Phoenix MUFON group in August 2013 and has since then been rewritten to include data as recent as this past week.

Marc D' Antonio is MUFON Chief Image and Video analyst. Marc has been in MUFON since the 70s and has been dedicate to the ever expanding search for the truth.


Watch the Full Presentation CLICK HERE

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